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Replacement hair retailer and wholesaler

We sell only fresh cut, disinfected, first class replacement hair with full warranty!

Replacement hair will be shipped within 1 business days throughout the European Union. You can shop at a huge stock, you don't have to stress about the quality of your hair. If there is a problem with the color or texture of the hair, we will replace or repurchase it within 30 days without question.

We choose our replacement hair to the highest expectations from our partners, we bleach, dye and then trim or prepare all hair for hair stitching.

Special discounts for hair extensions and hairdressers.

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Hair growth quickly

Do you dream of long hair but don't know how to get started with hair growth? We help and support you day by day. You only have to spend 5 minutes a day on your hair and you will experience significant changes in a few months, and you can expect 3-5 cm hair growth in 10 months if you follow us!

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An appointment is required in all cases!

Hair Extensions Blog

How do I have extra hair? Step by step guide

How do I have extra hair? Step by step guide

What should you pay attention to when extending your hair?

How to work without waste?

What should a usable hair extension look like?

What's the difference between heat-fit and ring-made straps?

Why shave extra hair a few times after cutting off the tress line?

You will find the answer to all of them by reading this tutorial!

Hair Extensions Order Online

Hair Extensions Order Online

Ordering extra hair has never been so convenient! We have been dealing with hair extensions for over ten years and have been selling through the web from the start, refining the system a lot and even trying to make it easy and fun for our customers!

We will soon be adding more features to our system that will greatly speed up the ordering process so that our online shoppers can easily choose the right replacement hair for them.

How many grams of hair do I need per head?

How many grams of hair do I need per head?

The amount of hair you need on a head is just enough so that it does not burden your own hair, yet it has an aesthetic appeal. By aesthetic, I mean that no one can see that you are wearing extra hair and that your hair extension will be invisible to others. You can achieve this only if the hair and color of the hair match perfectly with yours.

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