How many grams of hair do I need per head?

How many grams of hair do I need per head?

The amount of hair you need on a head is just enough so that it does not burden your own hair, yet it has an aesthetic appeal. By aesthetic, I mean that no one can see that you are wearing extra hair and that your hair extension will be invisible to others. You can achieve this only if the hair and color of the hair match perfectly with yours.
What is a good hair extension?

What is a good hair extension?

We get a lot of questions about the origin of hair extension, though this is not the main point to judge the quality of hair.

foods containing biotin for hair growth

Biotin based foods for fast and healthy hair growth.

The range of foods rich in B7 is very wide, which allows us to develop a very varied and healthy diet while consuming a lot of B7.
Salmon, avocado, nuts and seeds are some of the foods rich in biotin.
For proper absorption of biotin (AI), a daily dose of 30 micrograms (mcg) is required, while breastfeeding women require 35 mcg.
2018, September 05 - Peter juhasz

INSTA girls VS reality by Chloe ♡

Do you have an INSTA account? This topic will interest you! :)

Dóri has grasped one of the main topics of our time and has carefully fixed it ...

Click here to watch the video!

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Hair extension prices

How do you adjust to the supply of hair extension merchants?

What to look for when buying hair extension?

The More Expensive Hair Extensions The Right Hair Extensions?

If you are looking for extra hair, click here.

I will share my own experiences with you. Fortunately, our customers are becoming more enlightened and know what they need.

The hair trade has been transformed in recent years ...

2018, February 21 - Peter juhasz
Rubber gloves are not enough, change it immediately! Introducing the new healthy solvent.

Rubber gloves are not enough, change it immediately! Introducing the new healthy solvent.

Have your replacement hair been taken down?

Are you a hair extender and need to remove extra hair every day?

Yes? Then pay close attention if you have used an alcohol based solvent before!

We are looking for the best hair extensions

An iHair diploma is a certification that assures a prospective client that a certified professional / salon will perform reliable and quality work in the long term. To qualify, you can enter a few details into the system, complete the examination within a few business days, and in each case send the certification results by mail in the form of a stylish hologram certificate.
2017, June 16 - Peter juhasz
Tons of replacement hair, but where and how much?

Tons of replacement hair, but where and how much?

As many of you may know, the world - and our country as well - different hairs for European or Hungarian hair. In addition, there are innumerable inventive names, but the fact that the hair is 99% comes from India and the surrounding countries. But if India is the starting point, how can you meet so many different qualities?

2017, May 11 - Peter juhasz
Nourishing the hair

Nourishing the hair

If you're wearing extra hair, here are some tips to stay beautiful and healthy for a long time.

2017, March 03 - Peter juhasz
The process of heat-fitting hair extension

The process of heat-fitting hair extension

In this article, you will learn how to make heat-matched hair extensions. It all starts with choosing the right hair extension, a well-chosen hair extension can be our partner for years. It is important that the structure of our own hair and that of the hair extension is the same. No matter how we wear it, if you have wavy hair, the hair you choose should also be wavy.

2016, December 01 - Peter juhasz

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