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What is a good hair extension?

written by Peter juhasz then February 13, 2019

10 years ago (when we started dealing with hair) everyone wanted to buy European hair but we only had Indian hair because we ordered beautiful fresh cut natural pigtails from the big temple in Chennai. We didn't know what to do! Most of our clients were looking for European hair, but we only had Indian hair. We knew the goods were good. We knew they would be happy with it, but many of them, when they heard that we could only serve Indian hair, kept going.

extra hair but not European!

We did not want to cut anyone's board about the origin of the hair, but rather invented something much more effective ... We asked our brave customers who ordered us Indian hair to give us feedback on the hair they might have tried before. We called all of our customers and asked them to write honest feedback on the replacement hair. We managed to get some great reviews from about 25-30 and launched our first website at INDIAIHAJ.HU where we uploaded the recommendations as well. From then on, far fewer questions were asked about the origin of the replacement hair before their orders.

indian haj

Today, a hair extension we still manage our purchases, we have tried many places, and we have found a long-term reliable hair extension collector at great expense. We buy our hair in bulk, directly from them, to get the latest cut natural pigtails at the best possible price. We do not stock up too much, so we can guarantee freshness.

hair extension

No secret, it's unnecessary to keep looking. European, Asian, Indian hair ... It doesn't matter! It is essential to be hydrated and strong, freshly cut and disinfected.

If you have any questions about hair extension, do not hesitate to ask us on facebook, email or phone. The contact information you can find it here.

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written by Vivien Haller then June 16, 2019

About 1,5ev I have found you but I bless the day that this happened.I constantly wear my hair and in the last 5ev I have not found any like you. Thank you for being so fair in both quality and quality! I remain your regular customer bar not buying monthly because fish god no need 😂💞


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