iHair - 100% Argan Oil

HUF 7,999.00

Moroccan Liquid Gold: 50 ml, 100% cold pressed premium grade Argan oil.

Fair trade product. This means that much of the price goes to Berber women who make argan oil by laborious, manual milling. Argan oil is quickly absorbed and has no greasy aftertaste.

Its anti-aging effect has been known since ancient times, thanks to its phytosterol content, which helps regenerate cell membranes. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and fungicidal properties, it also prevents the development of cellulite.

Regular use avoids pregnancy strips and protects tissues from cracking. It heals wounds and burns particularly well and speeds up healing.

Beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.

You can use iHair Argan Oil in many areas of your life and recommend it to anyone with a pure heart!

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