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Our hairdressing trade only sells freshly cut, human hair in small and bulk quantities at the best prices. Available in plain pigtails, the hair is free of chemical treatment and has the same filament, hand-processed, cleaned and disinfected. Perfect for both hair extensions and hair extensions.

The extra hairs available from us did not undergo chemical treatment (acid or silicone bath) except the disinfection procedure. All hair is imported with disinfection certificate to Hungary. The disinfection process does not damage the hair and its structure.

Why buy hair extension from us?

Raw hair can be dyed and colored with the proper expertise. Available in lengths of 40-80 cm. Threaded or trimmed, which can be found on our website. Perfect for all hair extensions and hair enhancement technologies.

We make a full warranty on all products purchased from us. Our hair is bleached, twisted and twisted with high quality raw pigs. This way we can be sure that replacement hair is processed and delivered to our customers with the highest quality assurance requirements.

Based on successfully established international relations, our company imports Hungary's best quality hair. Our prices will surely win you and thus your clients as our foreign relations lead to the roots. We buy freshly cut hair from our partners. Hair is done in Hungary. You can order natural plaited, trimmed and tufted, up to 100% human hair.

Sales of hair extensions in small and large quantities to both individuals and hair extension professionals.

Our ever-expanding product range enables us to serve more and more customers at the same time. Our goal is to launch an internationally renowned brand, iHair®. In the future, we plan to introduce our own branded hair care and hair dye products in addition to replacement hair. Our goal is to build a reputable and reliable company with the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Sincerely, Péter Juhász